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When you are faced with having to plan a funeral, we are local independent funeral directors that has helped many families in Kingston upon Thames.

It is our modern approach to funerals that families find refreshing. We help families to plan funerals whether they be faith led or family led, low key or ceremonial. A funeral can also be unattended (direct cremation).

Whilst we often use Kingston crematorium and cemetery, we offer alternative venues for when families wish for something less formulaic and more personal. We also help you to manage costs.

White Rose Modern Funerals are a family business, founded by Teddington husband and wife team Nick and Jacqui. Our growing team includes locals’ Holly and Rob.

At your time of need, we are a calm voice here to guide you. The first step is to call us.

We’re here to help – call 020 3281 1045.

Planning a funeral in Kingston upon Thames

You may not know, when planning a funeral:

  • You don’t have to have a hearse for funeral transport
  • We organise many private family-led funerals Pre 10am at Kingston – a low cost, dignified way to say farewell taking advantage of early morning rates
  • A cremation funeral service does not have to be held at a crematorium – there are alternative venues
  • Eco-friendly natural burial grounds are within 40 minutes of Kingston (graves can be blessed for faith led funerals)

Recommended Funeral Director in Kingston upon Thames

As modern funeral directors, our ethos is to help families by providing choice and flexibility and advise on how to manage costs.

Our fees start from £1,950 (+ 3rd party fees and options) for a personalised cremation or burial funeral.

Low cost simple funeral options are direct cremation £1,495* or Attended Pre 10am service at Kingston Crematorium £2,382 * (*inclusive of all fees, basic coffin and transport).

At your time of need, we are here to help you. When you call you will be speaking with either Nick, Jacqui or Holly– we are all local.

The first step is to contact us, we’re here to help.

Are you looking for…

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Cremation funerals in Kingston upon Thames

What you may not know about a cremation funeral

A cremation service does not have to be held at a crematorium

A hearse does not have to be used for transport

Family can lead the service themselves if they wish to do so

Our low cost no-fuss cremation service funerals range from £1,495 and £2,382 all inclusive

Creating a personal ceremony, fees start from £1,950 plus 3rd party fees and options

Personalised Cremation Funerals

Personalised Cremation Funeral

Personalised Cremation Funeral

From a low key and informal approach, or a sense of ceremony, tradition and personal style. We help you to make informed choices when planning a funeral, advising on how to manage costs and create a meaningful farewell.

Price: from £1,950 + 3rd party costs & choices

Pembroke Lodge Funeral

A cremation service does not have to held at a crematorium. There are peaceful, beautiful venues surrounded by nature where a service can be held with the coffin present. The unhurried time and sense of privacy helps families to create a personal farewell. It is also possible to hold the Wake at these venues.

Price: from £2,250 + 3rd party costs & choices

Low Cost, No Fuss Cremations

No Fuss Pre-10am Cremation

he Changing Face of Funerals Covid 19

A no-fuss, low cost funeral for when you wish to be at the chapel to say farewell in your own private way. We take advantage of the discounted crematorium rates for a pre 10am service. Typically attended by 1 – 15 people, this simple cremation funeral is ideal for families where Direct Cremation feels too remote.

Price: £2,382 all inclusive

Direct Cremation

Direct cremation – also advertised as pure cremation – is an unattended funeral. As a local, independent funeral director you can take comfort in knowing who we are, where your relative will be cared for and the local crematorium we use. You will know the date and time of the cremation (not all direct cremation providers offer this).

Price: £1,495 all inclusive

White Rose consistently exceeded my expectations. They took the time to really get to know me and, more importantly, Christine. This enabled them to give me advice that really helped to make the funeral as perfect as I could have hoped.

– Mark

BURIAL FUNERALS in Kingston upon Thames

What you may not know about a burial funeral

A no-fuss burial can be a gathering just at the graveside

Natural burial grounds are an eco conscious and cost conscious alternative to a traditional cemetery

Traditional cemetery fees are determined by the local residency of the person who has died

Burial Funeral Options

Cemetery Burial

A burial funeral at a traditional cemetery. Whether you wish for a quiet farewell at the graveside only, or for a service at a cemetery chapel, church or alternative venue first.

Simple graveside service only: from £1,950
Ceremony plus graveside burial: from £2,250

Natural Burial

Surrounded by nature in a woodland, meadow, nature reserve or field, a natural burial funeral is a gentle and environmentally friendly alternative to a traditional cemetery.

Simple graveside service only: from £1,950
Ceremony plus graveside burial: from £2,250

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When you need a funeral director in Kingston upon Thames

White Rose Modern Funerals is an independent funeral director based near Kingston upon Thames. Our main office is in Teddington and we work with families across the borough, including in Chessington, Motspur Park, New Malden, Norbiton, Surbiton and Tolworth.

As we are based nearby, meetings can be held in person at our office or we can visit you at your home. Alternatively, we can meet with you via a Zoom video call – or simply by telephone, whichever you prefer.

Our flexibility and how we communicate with you throughout means you are always fully informed throughout each step.

White Rose Modern Funerals, Twickenham

Find a funeral director in Kingston upon Thames

When you are looking for a funeral director in Kingston upon Thames, it is worth considering your choices. You do not have to use your most local high street firm, the important thing is to find someone that you feel comfortable dealing with.

Some funeral directors (even if the name above the door still retains the name of the original founder) will be part of a large national network such as Dignity or Co-op. Others, like ourselves, are small independent family-run firms. So always check carefully to make sure you know if you are dealing with a national business or a local independent when making your decision of who to appoint.

At White Rose Modern Funerals we are a small team and will personally help and guide you through the process – you will always know exactly who you are speaking with.

We are very familiar with Kingston upon Thames, having helped numerous families from Kingston, New Malden and Surbiton arrange a funeral for their family member.

Cremation funerals are most often held a local crematorium such as Kingston, Randalls Park or Mortlake Crematorium and we work with local cemeteries for burials. We also recommend alternative venues for funerals and welcome natural burials, especially where environmental impact is a consideration.

Call us on 020 3281 1045 and we can answer any questions you may have – or arrange an initial meeting.

Feedback from families we have helped

Camilla Fegan
Camilla Fegan
Jacqui & her team are just wonderful, I was recommended Whiterose by a friend. I can honesty say from the moment I spoke to Jacqui, she listened, guided and supported me and my family. Jacqui made it possible for my dad to have the most unique perfect send off anyone could ever wish for. Everything was taken care of down to the finest detail. Sarah our Celebrant also recommended by Jacqui was sensational, she took time and patience & I felt like she knew my dad. I know it probably sounds mad to say this, but my dad's funeral was full of light, warmth and a stunning venue. It was the saddest yet most perfect day, and my dad would have absolutely loved it. The whole day was so uplifting, I can never thank you enough for all that you done for dad & my family.
Tom White
Tom White
We were very lucky enough to be recommended White Rose for our Fathers funeral after speaking with several of the more obvious options. An independent, tasteful and considerate outfit that went the extra mile for us to make it special. Highly recommended and in safe hands through the most difficult of times is what matters most. They actually care sincerely.
Maria Oshodi
Maria Oshodi
In July 2021 my dearest mother passed away in a South London care home after years of living with dementia. On her death the care home automatically passed my details onto the firm of funeral directors connected with the home. I found that they came across rather fake and were inflexible regarding their types of funeral packages available. After a bit of research on the net we found White Rose. From the moment we made contact with Nick and Jacqui, we found them both clear, kind and efficient.. all the things you want at such a confusing and emotional time. I loved the range of natural and more traditional options their service offered, including contacts with the most sensitive and professional celebrants for humanist services. In this way we met Lucy who was a real gift regarding presenting a totally personalised event for my mum.. which is what she would have wanted. I am registered blind and I found Nick and Jacqui so communicative and respectful, from explaining the process in detail, to helping with what was needed to make everything run smoothly from the flowers to the live streaming facility. They really partnered with us to make my mum’s final journey the best it could be. They seem to really care and have offered great follow up opportunities for their grieving clients for months after the funeral, knowing that the funeral is just the start of the grieving process… I would recommend White Rose to anyone!
Jacqui & Team - Thank you so much for your support, friendly approach, warmth, flexibility, guidance, personal touch & empathy throughout our contact with you. The way that you looked after us during this heartbreaking time was confirmation to me that I could not have left my Dad in better hands than with you. You were so patient with us, despite our constant barrage of questions !!! You made this dreadful, but essential process, so easy for us from our first contact to the last. Having spoken to other Funeral Directors we firmly believe that you offer a unique family spirited, family centred high quality service that simply cannot be compared with others. You provided us with everything we asked for & beyond as such exceeding our expectations. We are eternally grateful to you & your Team for arranging & facilitating my Dad’s final journey.
sharon hobbs
sharon hobbs
I would recommend white rose 🌹 they were very patient, caring and understanding. Nothing was too much trouble. Holly was so lovely when my dad passed away along with jacqui, seeing my dad in the Chapel of rest wasn't a morbid experience. Jacqui had made him look gorgeous and his beard smelt devine. Lovely little family run undertakers. I would definately recommend. Jackie and nick also come out of their way and dropped off dad's ashes to my home 40 minuite drive away. So lovely of them. 😇
Hayley “Hayley” Waterman
Hayley “Hayley” Waterman
White Rose handled my mother's funeral amazingly and exactly as per her wishes, I couldn't fault them on anything. The care and compassion they showed us at a horrible time was lovely and so friendly. Highly recommend White Rose.
Phyl Warren
Phyl Warren
I am so pleased that I asked WHITE ROSE MODERN FUNERALS to look after my sister's Funeral. From my first 'phone call with Jacqui - to all my subsequent messages with Jacqui, Holly and Nick who all helped me with such kindness, professionalism and pleasantness - I am most grateful. As I am not resident in the UK - WHITE ROSE MODERN FUNERALS went far beyond my expectations to ensure that all vital documentations were obtained and that they were all in order. WHITE ROSE MODERN FUNERALS enable me to give my sister the Funeral she would have appreciated; regarding all aspects of my sister's Funeral WHITE ROSE MODERN FUNERALS - with their wonderful advice - always left the final decision with me. I just want to say thank you to Jacqui, Nick, Holly and the Team at WHITE ROSE MODERN FUNERALS for all their help.
Mark Morris
Mark Morris
Holly, Jacqui and Nick from White Rose Modern Funerals helped make the most difficult time of my life so much easier. My wife, Christine, died in Belgium and from helping to organise the repatriation of her body to the flawless funeral service itself, they were never anything less than professional, efficient and, above all, kind and caring. White Rose consistently exceeded my expectations. They took the time to really get to know me and, more importantly, Christine. This enabled them to give me advice that really helped to make the funeral as perfect as I could have hoped. Along with the incredible Hannah (, Holly, Jacqui and Nick were the best people I never wanted to meet. I cannot express my thanks and gratitude enough.
Hariclea Darclee
Hariclea Darclee
White Rose have a wonderfully kind and understanding team. They listened to my wishes and organised a warm remembrance for my dad, even though we were a very small group of mourners. Everything was done perfectly and the flower service they also work with is really great. I would warmly recommend them to anyone. Thanks again for taking care of me and my dad. He would have appreciated it.

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