No Fuss Pre-10am Cremation

Our No Fuss Pre-10am Cremation Funeral is a low cost option for when a family wishes to be at the chapel to say farewell  in their own private way but do not wish for a full funeral ceremony.

Typically attended by 1 – 15  people, this simple funeral service takes advantage of lower crematorium fees and is an ideal choice for when direct cremation (an unattended funeral) feels too remote.

The earlier start also helps to avoid the pressure of feeling you have to invite a larger crowd.

Simple, Low Cost, Pre-10am Funeral

The simplicity of this service makes it easy for a family to plan costs.

Mortlake crematorium: £2,232 inclusive + coffin choice (£150 – £595)
Kingston crematorium: £2,257 inclusive + coffin choice (£150 – £595)
SW Middlesex crematorium: £2,397 inclusive + coffin choice (£150 – £595)

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What happens at a Pre-10am Simple Cremation Funeral?

  • This service is offered at either Mortlake, Kingston or SW Middlesex crematorium only, for logistical reasons and that Mortlake & Kingston offer a pre-10am discounted rate
  • Service time is 20 minutes
  • Some families choose to just listen to music, some like to share memories in an informal way – we can advise
  • We can open and close the service time for you if needed – if you wish for us to read out any written tributes we can do so.
  • A rolling slideshow of up to 25 photos can show throughout the service (£45 media fee)
Informal hearsette vehicle

Transport and coffin choices

  • Transport is our informal vehicle (coffin is not visible from the outside)
  • Choose from a no-fuss range of coffins – either Simple Cardboard (£150), London Oak veneer (£395) or Simple Willow (£595)
  • The coffin is pre-placed in the chapel ready for when family enter

We’re here to help you – call 020 3281 1045

Why pre-10am?

The 9am or 9.30am service times make it easier for families to communicate that it is just for immediate family to attend. This helps to avoid the pressure of feeling you have to invite a larger crowd.

Being the first services of the day it also means the crematoriums are quieter, which families appreciate.

The early morning discounted rate means families have a meaningful farewell at a minimum cost. Some families choose to hold a reception for wider friends and family, at a later time.

The service is designed to be no-fuss, so we don’t offer chapel of rest visits prior to the funeral with this service.


Mortlake Crematorium: £2,232 + coffin choice
Kingston Crematorium: £2,257 + coffin choice
SW Middlesex Crematorium: £2,397 + coffin choice

If pre-10am does not work for you, please get in touch.

Our own need for a No Fuss funeral

It was our own need for a no fuss approach to funerals that led us to start White Rose Modern Funerals.

When Nick’s mum died, we had a later memorial planned in her native country and just wished to be at the chapel to say farewell in our own way. It was troubling how such a simple request was only met with the offer of a direct cremation when we wouldn’t even know the date, we’d just have the ashes returned to us.

The seed was sown. We did manage to eventually get the service we wanted and felt there would be other families with such a simple wish too. When we started White Rose Modern Funerals, we designed this service specifically, and felt the early morning time offered a sense of privacy for families – which we know many have appreciated.

Nick & Jacqui

Pricing explained

The base cost of a No Fuss Pre-10am Cremation Funeral is made up of The Essentials (funeral director fee, transportation, crematorium fee and bearers) plus your choice of coffin as shown below:


The Essentials

These items are required for every funeral

White Rose Modern Funerals fee: * £1,650

Crematorium Fees (for pre-10am service): £420 Mortlake – £445 Kingston

Doctor’s certificate for cremation: £82

Transporting the coffin (we use our Galaxy hearsette): No charge

Two bearers to help pre-place coffin (H&S requirement due to steps and awkward lifting): £80

Coffin & Flowers

No fuss choices to make it easy for you

Coffins – there are three coffin choices available for our No Fuss Funerals:

  • Simple Cardboard Coffin: £150
  • London Oak Veneer: £395
  • Simple Willow: £595

Flowers – we recommend Leonoor, Rose & Mary (you order through and pay her direct): Hand tied bouquets or medium posies from £85

Additional Fees

These are additional fees that may be incurred

Rolling loop of up to 25 photos £45

Dressing – clothing does NOT need to be provided, a soft coffin sheet is used which is kinder to the body. If there is a particular outfit you wish for your family member to be dressed in then please let us know so we can arrange for when the clothes are to be delivered. A dressing fee will apply: £75

Pacemaker removal (if required): £95

Out of hours collection for homes and care homes (3pm – 9am, weekends and bank holidays): £250

Out of area collection (outside of London, elsewhere in UK): £2 per mile round trip from TW8

Typical ballpark cost of a No Fuss Pre-10am Cremation funeral

Cost with Simple Cardboard coffin:
Mortlake Crematorium: £2,382
Kingston Crematorium: £2,407

Cost with London Oak Veneer coffin:
Mortlake Crematorium: £2,627
Kingston Crematorium: £2,652

Cost with Simple Willow coffin:
Mortlake Crematorium: £2,827
Kingston Crematorium: £2,852

* Our fee includes: Arranging the funeral, processes and legal forms, collection and looking after your relative at our private facilities, hand-holding you through the process, taking care of all the details, personal access to our team outside of office hours, our attendance on the day and use of our informal Galaxy hearsette vehicle as required.

Payment terms: we appreciate how much you have to sort at this time, our terms are within 21 days of the funeral date, with payment by bank transfer.