Ashes options

If you are arranging a cremation funeral, you will need to decide what to do with your loved one’s ashes.

You may wish to keep them at home, either temporarily or permanently, or bury or scatter them on land or water. There are many options for retaining a small quantity of ashes in the form of memorial jewellery and keepsakes.

Whatever you decide, White Rose Modern Funerals can help you arrange and source the perfect option.

Our range of Urns


Scattering the ashes on land

Ashes may be scattered or strewn in many locations, including the crematorium’s Garden of Remembrance which is a dedicated memorial garden. Alternatively, there may be a particular scenic location that has a special meaning to you or your loved one or you can opt for a natural burial ground.

To scatter ashes on land, you don’t generally need a licence or permission – except for on private land, where you should obtain the landowners permission. For National Trust land or National Parks, you should seek the permission of the manager for that site.

When scattering ashes on land, it is advisable to either dig a small trench in which to pour the ashes or rake in the ashes to spread them evenly, especially on lawns. Transferring the ashes into a scattering tube will make it easier than using the original container.

Examples of scattering tubes and urns suitable for land scattering

Scattering tube

If you are scattering your loved one’s ashes, the most practical and easy to use option is an ashes scatter tube. We have selected the newest generation of scatter tubes – the Scatterpod – which makes scattering ashes easier.

They are made from recycled, biodegradable materials and can be recycled or composted after use. We carry this attractive Bluebell Woodland design in stock, however alternative and personalised designs are also available (please enquire for pricing).

Set of scatterpod scatter tubes

Set of scatter tubes

One set is made up of two medium tubes (28cm tall x 11cm wide, capacity 2.3 cubic cm) so that each can contain half of the ashes. Each tube has a removable lid and then a resealable opening which is opened when scattering.

At White Rose Modern Funerals, we can prepare these for you with the ashes safely sealed inside. We supply these as a set of two as standard in order to accommodate a full set of adult ashes (although in some cases only one may be required, in which case we will amend our invoice accordingly).

Token scatterpod scatter tube

Keepsake scatter tube

This is a small 10cm x 4cm scatter tube to hold a token amount of ashes (115 cubic centimetres / 7 cubic inches). The tube has a removable lid.

These can be useful for sharing ashes between family members or if you wish to transport a small quantity of ashes to another location.

Acorn Urn

Acorn Urn

These artisan urns are made from recycled kraft and paper. The stalks are twists of tissue paper and the bases finished with coloured mulberry paper. Colour shown is Stone, other colours available are Moss Green, Dark Green, Russet, Purple, Yellow, Turquoise or Dutch Gold Foil.

£55 each (except Gold Foil – £90)
Tolad scattering stick


The TOLAD is a hiking staff filled with your loved one’s ashes. With each step, a small amount of ashes is released from the lower end of the staff, allowing you to scatter ashes gradually while taking a walk.


Bamboo Scatter Tube

100% biodegradable and environmentally friendly. Each tube comes with an internal cotton bag to hold the ashes, which can be easily tied and untied for scattering in multiple locations. 36cm high, 14cm diameter.


Living Memorial Kit

This is not an ashes container, rather it is a kit that contains an organic soil blend organic mixture that can be combined with your loved one’s ashes to create a nourishing environment for planting a tree as a living memorial or simply burying ashes …read more about Living Memorial Kit.



Releasing the ashes into water

When scattering or casting ashes at sea, or on a river or lake, ensuring you stay well clear of bathing areas or marinas. It is easier and more private to scatter the ashes from onboard a boat than from the water’s edge. For example, on the Thames in Richmond and Twickenham we can arrange for use of Windrush, an elegant boat with room for 12 people from which to scatter ashes.

A good tip is to obtain a scattering tube or biodegradable water urn which can dissolve slowly when placed in water.

Examples of biodegradable, water soluble urns

Journey Earthurn

These attractive biodegradable water urns will float briefly on the surface to allow a final farewell, before taking on water and gracefully sinking. The urn will then break down naturally over time, making them perfect for water burial.

Handmade using an ancient paper making technique using bark from the mulberry tree, which is harvested, leaving the tree alive and intact. After the bark is soaked, the resulting pulp is laid out on bamboo screens, often with floral material inlaid, and dried in the sun.

Earthurn Aqua Blue

Journey Earthurn – Aqua

The ashes as contained in a water soluble bag inside of the paper envelope. When placed on water, the whole container will float for a few minutes before gently sinking. Fully biodegradable.

Earthurn Aqua Natural

Journey Earthurn – Natural

The ashes as contained in a water soluble bag inside of the paper envelope. When placed on water, the whole container will float for a few minutes before gently sinking. Fully biodegradable.

Limbo Oléa Urn

Limbo Oléa Urn

Made of crushed olive pips and naturally coloured with kiwi, this fully biodegradable urn can be released into water – the ashes are taken directly to the bottom of the waterway, or they can be buried along the shoreline. 22cm diameter, 1.4kg weight (without ashes).

Limbo Samsara Urn

Limbo Samsara Urn

Crafted with sand, some sea salt and bound by plant extracts. Biodegradable and 100% soluble, yet hard. Suitable for submerging in water (fresh or saltwater) or burying along the shoreline.

Limbo Nu urn

Limbo Nu urn

A water soluble urn made with saline and natural components, designed to cast ashes in the sea. Gradually dissolves into the waves within a few minutes and dissolution time is generally between five and ten minutes.


Hielo Biodegradable Urn

Made of ceramic and organic fibres, and finished with a special glazing to preserve it for home or columbaria use. Once the urn is laid into soil or water, it will completely biodegrade over time.



Keep the ashes at home

If you want to retain the ashes at home for a longer period or indefinitely, you may wish to buy a decorative urn. There are many styles of urns to choose from, either for inside the home or the garden, made from brass, marble, wood or glass. You can also have miniature keepsake urns if you wish to keep only a small quantity of the ashes or share the ashes between family members.

Examples of urns for keeping ashes at home on display

Silver & Mother of Pearl Brass Urn

Silver & Mother of Pearl Brass Urn

This stylish urn is constructed from brass and features rows of luminous mother of pearl inlay on both the body and the lid with a silver band running round the center. The lid is engineered with a high quality threaded fastening keeping the ashes secure inside.

Ash Dovedale wooden ashes casket

Wooden Casket (Ash)

This ashes casket is superbly constructed and finished to an exceptional standard. They are made from solid wood and can hold a full set of adult cremated remains.

Included with this casket is a nameplate and suitably sized eco-friendly jute bag.


Repurposed Wood Urn

A handmade mosaic of wood saved from becoming waste. Certified Fair Trade and finished with a natural beeswax coating. No toxic adhesives or finishes used. Suitable for display at home, interment in the ground or in a cemetery niche.

Garden Urn

Garden Urn

Suitable for the garden, this organically shaped urn from the Philippines is hand-carved from lava stone, becoming a living part of its environment as it grows a coat of lichen or moss. Dimensions: H40 x W31 x D31cm



Burial of the ashes

You can bury the ashes in a cemetery grave, in which case you will need to purchase the Exclusive Right of Burial for the plot and ensure the casket includes a name-plate and date of death. You will also need the Cremation Certificate and notice of interment form.

Alternatively, you may bury them on private land, in which case you will need the landowner’s permission. If you are burying them within the grounds of a home, a record of the burial should be kept safe (for example with the Deeds). A popular choice is to bury them at a natural burial ground or woodland plot. It is possible to scatter them at Kew Gardens, but you do need to obtain a permit.

When burying ashes, you should ensure they are in a biodegradable container or wooden casket (a cotton bag is acceptable for natural burial grounds). Ashes can also be used to plant a tree, planted in the ground or in a planter so that it is mobile – for this option, see the Living Memorial below.

Examples of urns suitable for burial or interment

Acorn urn

Ideal for the burial of cremation ashes in private ground, woodland burial grounds and natural settings, these appealing Acorn urns are made from recycled kraft and recycled paper.

The stalks are twists of tissue paper and the bases finished with coloured mulberry paper.

The ashes are securely contained inside a cotton drawstring bag inside the Acorn urn.

Acorn urn – various colours

  • Fully biodegradable
  • Individually boxed
  • Made in the UK
  • 100% cotton drawstring ashes bags included
  • Holds a full set of adult ashes (Four litre volume)
  • Acorn base: 22cm tall x 19cm diameter
  • Overall dimensions: 27cm tall x 21cm max diameter

Colours available: Moss Green, Dark Green, Stone, Russet, Purple, Yellow, Turquoise or Dutch Gold Foil

£55 each (except Gold Foil – £90)
Ash wooden ashes casket

Wooden Casket (Ash)

This ashes casket is superbly constructed and finished to an exceptional standard. They are made from solid wood and can hold a full set of adult cremated remains.


Pura Teak Ashes Casket

Pura, meaning temple in Javanese, is handcrafted from solid teak in rural Java. Holds a full set of adult cremated remains. W: 31cm x D: 23cm x H: 18cm.


Tahan Teak Ashes Casket

The Tahan Teak ashes casket, named after the tallest mountain in Peninsular Malaysia, is beautifully handcrafted with subtle waves along its front. Holds a full set of adult cremated remains. W: 31cm x D: 23cm x H: 18cm.

Paper urn

Floral Bouquet Urn

Hand-crafted from eco-friendly Earthurn® paper. Can be on display and will fully biodegrade when placed into the earth. The Floral Bouquet urn features handmade paper flowers inset into the decorative blue top.


Wicker Ashes Casket

Handmade ashes casket made of wicker. Fully biodegradable. Engraved nameplate on side.



Memorial jewellery and keepsakes

There are many options available for retaining a small quantity of ashes in the form of handmade cremation jewellery, glass art memorials and keepsake urns. A small quantity of the ash, about one teaspoon per item, is usually sufficient and jewellery can also be engraved.

Specialist suppliers of memorial jewellery and keepsakes:

Please contact these companies directly if you wish to have ashes made into jewellery:


What happens if I don’t choose an urn?

After the cremation funeral, we will personally collect the ashes to you for you to collect from our office in Twickenham or Teddington – or we can arrange for a courier delivery. Alternatively you may choose to have the ashes strewn at the Crematorium’s Garden of Remembrance or collect from the crematorium yourself.

If you don’t choose an urn, the ashes will be in the original container as provided by the crematorium, which is typically in a sealed bag inside a cardboard box. It is perfectly fine to keep the ashes in this box if you wish.

Alongside the ashes, we will also provide the Certificate of Cremation which you will need if you are planning a burial of the ashes or wish to transport the ashes abroad.

For more information about ashes scattering ceremonies and products available, please call White Rose Modern Funerals on 020 3281 1045.

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