Alternative Cremation Venue

A cremation funeral does not have to take place at a crematorium. There are a few venues that can accommodate a funeral service to include the coffin, where you have more privacy and beautiful surroundings.

What these beautiful locations offer is a sense of privacy, peace and space – there is no conveyor belt. This gives families so much comfort. Surrounded by nature, the ambiance is non-funereal which also makes these locations ideal for children.

Alternative cremation venue for a funeral showing coffin

Alternative venueS

Alternative cremation funeral venue at Pembroke Lodge in Richmond Park

Pembroke Lodge, Richmond Park

Pembroke Lodge is a beautiful listed Georgian Mansion with bright, spacious rooms and fabulous views in Richmond Park. The Belvedere is on the ground level with a terrace outside.

Please note this venue is only suitable for attendances of 30-40 and above. Availability for funeral services may be slightly limited during the wedding season May to September.

GreenAcres Chiltern, Beaconsfield

Although a natural burial ground, GreenAcres allow their woodland hall to be used for cremation services. There’s also the option of using the separate Gathering Hall as a wake venue. The service is held at the venue, the actual cremation then takes place afterwards at a local crematorium and is unattended.

Just a 30 – 40 minute drive (~23 miles) from SW London, will transport you to a most peaceful setting surrounded by nature. As you arrive, you drive along a woodland road before turning into the forest. It’s an entirely different atmosphere – less funereal.

GreenAcres Chiltern alternative cremation venue

Linden House, Hammersmith

Linden House is a private members club that is available for funeral services with a coffin present. Set by the River Thames, it is a secluded and elegant setting for a private service.

There is a selection of versatile rooms that are bright and airy, with a calm interior. From the front terrace there are views overlooking the river.

Le Gothique, Wandsworth Common

Le Gothique is a restaurant, bar and gardens located within the historic Royal Victoria Patriotic Building. There is free off-street parking and on site catering.

Funeral services can be held both in the garden and internally. There are three spaces to choose from; The Garden, The Restaurant and the Great Hall.

Le Gothique

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Who will Officiate the service?

A cremation funeral service can be officiated by a faith minister, celebrant or the family.

  • Minister / religious – for a faith led service you may already have a minister you know to lead the service, or we can organise a minister for you. We work across all faiths.
  • Celebrant / humanist – for a non-religious service we work with a talented team of celebrants / humanists. Typically when we meet with a family and talk things through, we get a feeling for who we would recommend.
  • Family-led – or would you like to lead the service yourselves? This can work well if the family dynamics are such that you can work together and organise within a timeframe. We can advise.

Personalising a funeral

As we chat with you we can explore ways to personalise the funeral ceremony. As a measure we always say, imagine what would make your loved one smile.

Practical and creative ways we can help
  • Video slideshow of up to 30 photos – a visual way to quietly reflect during a service, we create this as a video file set to a chosen track of music
  • Order of Service – we design and print elegant Orders of Service
  • Flowers – our recommended florist creates beautiful, environmentally aware arrangements from simple hand-tied to stunning sprays (view examples)

Pricing explained

Our pricing for funerals is fully transparent and flexible – you only pay for those elements that you require. Some fees are essential, others are optional, so the total cost will depend on the choices you make. When we have chatted through with you what you would like, we send a personalised Fee Summary showing the breakdown of costs in accordance with what you choose.

Ballpark figures
  • Keep it simple: The simplest transport and wicker coffin, family-led no other ceremonial touches
    Ballpark £3,677 (GreenAcres) or £4,182 (Pembroke Lodge)
  • With elegant finishing touches: If you wished to have a minister or celebrant-led service, with additional elegantly designed finishing touches such as order of service, video slideshow of photos, reception venue
    Ballpark from £4,727 (GreenAcres) or £4,692 (Pembroke Lodge)

The Essentials

These items are typically required for every funeral

White Rose Modern Funerals fee*: £2,250

Use of ceremonial hall for service, followed by unattended cremation at the local crematorium: Typically £675 – £1,000 – examples below:

GreenAcres Chiltern is £750 including the Direct Cremation fee. Service times are either 11am, 1pm or 3pm. Their Gathering Hall can also be hired for a wake at £445 per hour. If following 11am or 1pm service, 2 hours hire required. If following 3pm service, only 1 hour hire is available.

Pembroke Lodge is £750 for the hall hire and the Direct Cremation cost is £305. The reception is also held at Pembroke Lodge, various catering options are provided.

Doctor’s certificate for cremation: £82

Transporting the coffin (there is no charge if using our Galaxy hearsette): No charge / Alternative hearse from £450

Coffin: London oak veneer £395 / Simple Willow £595/ alternative choice of natural, solid wood, cardboard £345 – £850


These items depend on the choices you make

Minister or Celebrant (or the service can be family led, we can advise): £250 (Minister) | £350 (Celebrant)

Order of Service design and print (priced per copy, minimum 20 copies): from £60

Video slideshow of photos (approx 30 photos set to chosen music track to be used as a reflection piece): £95

Pallbearers (not needed if coffin being pre-placed): £50 each, minimum 4 needed

Flowers – we recommend Leonoor, Rose & Mary (you order through and pay her direct): Hand tied bouquets from £85, sprays £135 – £295

Additional Fees

These are additional fees that may be incurred

Dressing your family member in chosen outfit (dressing is a personal choice and not obligatory – a dignified soft coffin sheet is also used): £75

Private family time in Chapel of Rest (covers private church hire for an hour and transporting the coffin): £250

Pacemaker removal (if required): £95

Embalming (if required): £175

For collecting a family member who has died from a private home or care home, a collection fee applies as personnel requirements differ from scheduled hospital collections: £250

Out of area collection (typically hospital outside of London, elsewhere in UK): £2 per mile

* Our fee includes: Arranging the funeral and legal forms, collection and looking after your relative at our private facilities, online tribute page to help inform family and friends of the funeral details, hand-holding you through the process taking care of all the details, personal access to a team member including outside of office hours, our attendance on the day.

Payment terms: we appreciate how much you have to sort at this time, our terms are within 21 days of the funeral date, with payment by bank transfer.

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