How Living Memorial soil blend works

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Living Memorial is a soil blend that has similar consistency to normal top soil. The special blend promotes biodiversity at all levels of an eco-system.

Cremation ashes have a high pH (alkalinity) and a high Sodium, Calcium and Potassium content, which normal soil doesn’t counteract. These damage the root structure of plants, resulting in deficient or at worst dead plants due to the barren soil.

Living Memorial soil blend is specifically formulated to restore the natural pH and neutralise the high concentration of Sodium, allowing the growing plant to flourish, with deeper healthy root stuctures. It also contains specific bacteria that break down the ashes to release the beneficial nutrients locked inside for use by plants.

Living Memorial soil blend can be used with any variety of plantings. If your plant normally requires a special compost – such as ericaceous compost for roses and rhododendrons – then you can use this in conjunction with Living Memorial soil blend.

How to use Living Memorial Soil Blend

STEP 1: mix the Living Memorial soil blend and the ashes (cremated remains) together. Simply add the ashes to the soil in the container provided or mix them together in a wheelbarrow, bucket, or other suitable container.

STEP 2: prepare the ground or container ready for planting. If planting in the ground, dig a hole at least twice the size of the root ball of the plant or tree. Place the mixture of the Living Memorial soil and ashes into the hole, spread evenly along the bottom and water well. If planting in a pot, add the mixture of the Living Memorial soil and ashes to twice the amount of potting compost and mix thoroughly.

STEP 3: follow the plant or tree instructions for planting. If in the ground, top up the hole with normal compost as required and water thoroughly.

White Rose Modern Funerals can supply Living Memorial soil blend for ashes – see our options for ashes page.

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